Why Rent A Campervan In Australia?

Traveling to Australia is a desire that many people have on their bucket lists, but it can be difficult to pick which destinations to visit in Australia and how!

We’ve whittled down our top reasons to tour Australia by campervan to help you get out in nature and absorb the finest nature has to offer:

  1. A New Perspective
  2. Flora and Fauna of Australia
  3. Adaptable Travel
  4. Conserve funds
  5. Relaxed Travel
  6. Have you ever lived in a van?

Let’s get right to it…

A Different Perspective

The flexibility to sleep wherever and whenever you want is our favorite aspect of traveling in a campervan in Australia (within reason, of course).

Imagine waking up, opening the rear door of your campervan, and being met with a breathtaking sunrise over the ocean – what better way to begin your day of adventure? You may start your day leisurely by having your coffee and breakfast exactly where you are. Best of all, you’ll be precisely where you need to be: at the start of a hiking route in the Blue Mountains, on the east coast on a world-class surf beach, or in the heart of the Red Centre near Uluru.

Flora And Fauna Of Australia

When it comes to seeing Australia’s wonderful outdoors and animals, there is no better mode of transportation than a campervan from Australian Backpackers. When looking for a campsite to stay in for the night, you’ll be spoiled for choice, with many of them located within a beautiful national park or near a white sand beach.

Staying at these campgrounds is also your best choice for getting up and personal with wildlife: kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas, koalas, goannas, emus, parrots, and many other local species wander free just outside. If you go by bus, rail, or aircraft, you will most likely miss out on these lovely critters!

Adaptable Travel

When you travel in a campervan, you have the freedom and flexibility to go at your speed and on your schedule. There is no waiting for regular trains or buses, nor is there any tension associated with being late.

Want to spend another day at the place where you’re staying? Not a problem!

Want to get away from the throng and venture off the beaten path? Simply drive!

Don’t want to get up early to get your luggage to the airport? Stay in the comfort of your mobile home and arrive at your destination on your schedule.

Spend Less Money

Though traveling in Australia may not be seen as ‘cheap,’ you can surely do so on a budget if you rent a campervan. The initial cost of renting a campervan may appear exorbitant, especially if you’re traveling during peak season, but it will give you unparalleled discounts over any other mode of transportation.

Extra savings are available, particularly during the low season, in addition to year-round long-hire reductions when you rent for more than 14 or 30 days. Given the high expense of hotels and even hostels in Australia, you’ll also need to pay for your bus tickets, car hire, or flights.

Once you’ve paid for your campervan rental, you’ll have all of your lodging and transportation in one place, as well as a kitchen to save money on groceries.

Take note that the cost of camping in Australia is relatively inexpensive, and there are several possibilities to camp for free.

Traveling Without Stress

We’ve all experienced how inconvenient and time-consuming it can be to haul a bag about, attempt to find lodging, and check in and out of hotels. What a pain!

When you travel in a campervan, you can bring your lodging with you wherever you go. You can also munch and snooze whenever you want when you have a kitchen and a bed on board. What’s not to appreciate about that?

Experiencing Life In A Van

We’re sure you’ve seen lovely point-of-view images taken from the back of a van or elegantly constructed campervans that are finer than some of our houses!

The #VanLife is bigger and more popular than ever, and for good reason: people all over the world are realizing why campervan travel is so incredible and how there is no other way to enjoy an adventure like it. So, why not become a part of the ever-expanding community?

We enjoy meeting and conversing with other campervan travelers on campgrounds since everyone has a unique story about their experience on the road. During your road trip, you’ll be away from the hustle and bustle and able to enjoy some peace, as well as independence, flexibility, and stress-free travel.