Homemade Espresso setup: 9 must-have accessories

Homemade espresso can be very challenging to do. You have a lot of variables to handle, your equipment could act up sometimes, and the espresso could be difficult to troubleshoot due to its intense taste. However, to overcome this, our complete list of espresso accessories, make all the difference. These 9 must-have espresso accessories help you brew your espresso like a real star.

1). The push tamper: This basic accessory comes with a tradition-defying function that is aimed to be an improvement from previous designs. You would love the fast operation, while it gives your technique a simple level and consistency. You need a good push tamper to save you all the hassles when brewing your espresso.

2). A smart scale: This is one of the best homemade espresso accessories that you will need. A smart scale with a large capacity should help you take precise weight measurements if coffee blends. Many scales come with automatic functioning. However, they can be used manually. Smart scales from Breville coffee accessories are known to help homemade espresso makers get the right measurement of their coffee blends. A scale helps provide unmatched precision and helps you have total control over the last cup. A typical coffee scale will usually provide all you need to brew a good cup of coffee.

3). The Osaka knock box: When you are done with brewing your coffee and there are still traces of the element left in your machine, you might want t get them out. You need something reliable to eject these grounds out of your machine. If you do not fancy accessories, then you could use the Knock box from Osaka. It comes with a durable make and has been sized perfectly for all espresso machines.

4). Shot glasses: You are free to pour your espresso shots into the cups, but you can still have them poured into coffee shot glasses. This makes it possible for you to do certain things. In fact with these shot glasses, you can do a lot with your espresso which is barely possible with cups. These shot glasses also have certain measurements that are suitable for measuring coffee.

5). Notneutral coffee cups: Just like Breville coffee accessories, you will like these coffee cups from some of the best coffee cup makers in the US. You will fall in love with these cups because they can be held very easily. They look incredible with their simplistic and minimalist designs. This is a great latte mug/espresso cup that will add more fun to your morning espressos.

6). Espresso machine cleaner: When you are done acting as a barista, have it in mind that you will have to clean out the espresso machine. Carefully cleaning out your espresso machine is the best way to prolong the life of your machine. Several espresso cleaners help you keep your machines in good condition.

7). Tamping mat: The tamping mat can be used to protect the counter of your espresso from the heavy tamper. The tamping mat can also be used to shield the tamper from the hard counters.

8). The milk pitcher: Do you need to make your creamy steamed milk properly? This is where the specialized and ergonomic milk pitcher comes in.  These products have been designed ergonomically to give the milk a rapid swirl, this easily creates a smoother texture and a finer microfoam.

9). Microfiber cloths: Microfiber cloths are a great addition to your espresso-making accessories. If you like a crisp and clean coffee brewing area, then you need to get this microfiber cloth.