How to Sell Your Music Online (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, TikTok and others)

For any new music artist who wants to hit the music scene, becoming a music distributor can be overwhelming. Many face the problem of not know how to upload music tracks to various platforms. However, if you want to sell music online, it is now possible. Some websites offer services that help you share music with many brands like Apple or Spotify. These sites can also upload to all famous brands simultaneously. So, it becomes easy to put your music on iTunes and various others like TikTok. New artists can earn and make new fans worldwide because of sites like MusicDigi.

Sell your music creations online with comfort

You can get your music on Spotify, TikTok, Amazon, Youtube, and many more using sites like MusicDigi. No wonder it is a popular choice among rising music artists. First, you have to make an account using your email. Also, you can create a secure password. Then you can start uploading your songs. There is the option of editing cover art and song information. So, you can create attractive cover art and polish the music info for the new audience. The sites like MusicDigi offer complete choice to select the platform for selling music. Hence, you can select multiple or a single forum to release your music track.

Every year you can pay a fee for the services. The highlight of selecting MusicDigi as a music distribution channel is that you keep all the rights. Hence, you have complete ownership of your music. Sites like these offer monthly payments for downloads. Therefore, you can earn from each download of your song. It is the best way to get your music on TikTok, Apple, and others without any dilemmas. MusicDigi even offers free UPC and ISRC Codes. Also, you can check the sales and streaming data with comfort. Therefore, all digital music platforms and uploading tools are within reach.

Sales and streaming data

All music creators know the importance of streaming and sales data. It is the key to upscale your music selling. You can use the data to analyze which songs are gaining popularity. Plus, there are the streaming stats that help you realize your next step. Therefore, contemporary music artists can create the music that the public demands. It helps to increase online downloads and sales. Many digital music platforms like Deezer, iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube also offer stats. However, it is easier to use a single site to manage all data for these. You only have to sign in once.


It is easy to use a single site to upload and sell music. There is no time wastage like signing in on multiple platforms. You can create an account using your email and start upload music. Also, you can edit song information and create the engaging cover art. Plus, you get to check all the streaming and sales data using just one site like MusicDigi. The yearly subscription fee is also affordable. The new artists can start earning because these sites offer monthly sales payments. All famous digital music labels like Spotify, Deezer, TikTok, Amazon, and iTunes are available.