Google Adwords And Good Click Through Rate – What to Know

The question regarding the good click through rate commonly arises, every time someone reviews a Google AdWords account. If you also have this question in your mind, then you should understand that you cannot find the right answer to this, as the click through rate for keywords varies from one industry to another.

The good click through rate varies even from one device to another as well. The CTR for mobile devices can become either terrible or the best option based on many factors.

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Click Through Rate 

Click through Rate, or also known as CTR is the number of clicks that your advertisement has achieved when compared with the number of people exposed to your advertisements.

CTR is achieved through two categories. One is when a customer reaches your ad page with the help of some set of keywords, and the other is with the help of the advertisements that are displayed on other websites.

Some of the important factors such as keywords, ad positioning, imagery, etc., have a very important role to play when it comes to achieving the maximum numbers of CTR to your advertisement.

You cannot compare the CTR with any numbers because there are no such particularities in this case. You can just consider many factors such as campaigns, companies, strategies, and so on to get the average CTR.

Possible CTR for Facebook, Display, Search, and Rich Media 

The average CTR as understood by some of the tools is around 1.91% while searching and 0.35% on display. Even though these are good percentages, you don’t need to settle for this and forget about trying to achieve the best.

The probability of CTR through the overall display is around 0.05%, from Facebook Ad is about 0.5% to 1.6%, and from rich media is around 0.1%. The double click can further break down the chances of achieving the best CTR.

CTR Based on Industry 

Without the help of machine learning, the Acquisio platform from different places such as the United States, Australia, and Canada collected 50,000 campaigns that were created by more than 11,000 advertiser accounts. This study focused on not only the CTR, but various other factors such as CPA, CPC, PPC metrics, and so on.

The results that were found out after understanding the metrics displayed varying factors. The results varied specifically on particular industries as well. For instance, the CTR for real estate services was 7.58%, whereas the CTR for legal services was 4.45%.

The quality of CTR can be analysed with the help of many other factors such as Google shopping campaigns, search ads, and others. When compared with the display campaigns, these factors will have higher CTRs. This can be because of the idea of banner blindness.

Search ads reflect based on some ideas such as specific landing pages, user intent, and so on. Almost all the audience looks for brand-specific campaigns and you can have the best CTRs if you come up with the idea of remarketing campaigns.

The positioning of the ads in specific destinations can also work as an added advantage for generating the CTR numbers.

Improving the CTR 

Here are some of the ways of improving your CTR.

  • The audience is the Target 

Targeting your audience and preparing the ad campaigns accordingly is the best way of achieving a great number in your CTR.

  • Adjustment of Your Display Ad in a Creative Way 

A typical display ad will not get you the required CTR. If you do not wish to settle for a low average CTR, then work on making some tweaks in your ad campaigns and also focus on their placements.

  • Be Specific 

Instead of dragging the content of your ads with unnecessary things, it is suggested to stay to the point and be specific. You should provide what exactly they are looking for from you, instead of dragging along.

Remember that the click through rates are higher for the search ads. Hence, do not stick to the basic ads and increase the standards to the best level by making necessary tweaks now and then to stay on top of the best ad campaign list.