Pressing Reasons To Install Ergonomic Customized Anti-Fatigue Mats In Pharmacies

A healthy and safe work environment is mandatory for all businesses. An ergonomic work atmosphere in pharmacies ensures pharmacists stay focused at work. The duties of pharmacy staff involve sitting, standing when looking for medicines, opening and closing prescription bottles, filling prescriptions, typing, etc.

Pharmacists require a great deal of focus when carrying out their duties. They have to be very precise when measuring dosages and packing the medications. Failing to remain alert can result in serious health complications for the patient which calls for the need for a comfortable and healthy working condition in pharmacies. Pharmacists are more prone to:

  • Tension neck syndrome
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Muscle pain/ strain
  • Tendonitis

The tiring nature of their work adds more pressure. Minor tweaks like changing the chairs, equipment spacing, workstations, etc. can make things better for pharmacists. There are specialized anti-fatigue mats that lessen the strain exerted on the knees and ankle. If you are looking for good quality anti-fatigue doormats online, visit the website of Ultimate Mats.

They are the top dealers of ergonomic doormats. Their bestseller logo mats are 100% customizable and let clients add a logo or words of their choice on the doormat. Customized mats double up as marketing tools. You can include your pharmacy name, logo, or a welcome message.

Need for anti-fatigue mats for pharmacists:

Sitting for hours cause musculoskeletal problems, increases the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart health, and sometimes even death. Studies have shown that standing for long hours is better than sitting. Employees who use standing desks were seen to have higher energy levels, alertness, and productivity.

They were found to be 46% more productive and reduced body discomfort. Replacing two hours of sitting for standing is associated with a 7.5 cm smaller weight circumference, 11% low blood-sugar level, and 11% lower BMI. However, standing isn’t without its downsides. Standing for hours puts severe strain on our lower extremities. It causes physical and mental stress.

Studies reveal that standing on a concrete floor for 90 minutes could lead to severe fatigue for many. It leads to stiffness in the neck, shoulders, back pain, leg pain, etc. When it comes to mental focus, 50 minutes of standing is enough to make one lose concentration.

Providing a comfortable cushion for our legs reduces this problem. It makes the pharmacists feel less discomfort and helps them stay alert. Improving the health benefits cuts down the cost of health insurance required. Anti-fatigue mats come with beveled edges, natural rubber foam base and provide excellent comfort. They are ideal for any business where employees stand for long hours.

Benefits of anti-fatigue mats:

  • Reduces lower back pain
  • Reduces headache
  • Provides insulation from the cold floor
  • Reduces pressure on spine, shoulder, and neck
  • Improves posture
  • Improved concentration

These benefits coupled together help pharmacists focus on work better. Installing these mats also sends across the message that you care about the health and comfort of your employees. Satisfied employers translate to happy and healthy employees and you are bound to see a boost in your sale after installing anti-fatigue mats.